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Menozzi italian licorice

In an ancient monastery in Atri, where since the Middle Ages the Dominican friars extracted licorice juice from the roots they collected in the surrounding area, in 1836 Cavalier De Rosa organized the industrial processing of this precious plant of licorice and its derivatives.

The tradition of licorice processing continues in Atri, where, since the Middle Ages, the Dominican friars extracted the juice from the roots of plants that grew spontaneously in the area. In 1836 the industrial processing of this precious plant and its derivatives began. Since then, production has never stopped. Today the company is managed by the third generation of the Menozzi family who became the owner of the De Rosa brand in 1950.
The production took place, until 2004, in the historic center of Atri, a town rich in history and culture in the province of Teramo. Today the production is just outside the town, in a very modern factory.

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