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Collection: Chocolate spread, hazelnut nougat cream, cremino and gianduia spreads

Chocolate spread, hazelnut and nut nougat spread

The chocolate spread , or let's just call it Nutella substitute .
Try out our delicate nut nougat cream on freshly baked rolls or bread slice at breakfast.
Our delicious spreads are the perfect friend! Our exquisite selection not only offers the classic hazelnut spread in the best quality, but you can also buy many variants on our online shop.
Have you ever tried our creams on the crepe, with ice cream or even hearty with cheese?
The spread as a little break from everyday life
Our chocolate spreads and gianduia creams are always of top quality and, moreover, so delicious that you will surely nibble with a spoon one time or the other - you can do that!
Whether nougat cream, gianduia spread or dark chocolate: check our variety and order yourself ì
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